Topics for Elocution is available in "Downloads" > "State Level Enrties Open" Kalotsav 2013 - FINAL SCORE | Silver Hills Public School Leading with 712 Points,Devagiri CMI Public School is in the Second Position with 469 Points and MSS Public School with 350 Points >

Welcome to Malabar Sahodaya

Sahodaya school complex Malabar region is an independent academic body consisting of schools affiliated to Centeral Board of secondary education. It is envisaged to enhance mutual respect,co-operation and assistance among CBSE schools in this region.The sahodaya takes all the activities beneficial to the member schools and student community at large. Since the inception the sahodaya has conducted different activities like award meet for CBSE toppers,work shop for principal,training programme for principals in collaboration with Indian institute of management Calicut

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Kalotsav-State Level Entry

Those qualified for State level should give their approval online by 31st...[ more ]


Kindly note the change of date of Stage items at Pleasant English School from 26th & 27th Oct...[ more ]